Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearings

Cantilevered Single-Ended Pivot BearingsCantilevered pivot bearings are the most commonly used type of pivot bearing. With these single ended bearings, one end is attached or supported which allows the other end to rotate. General cantilevered pivot bearing applications include gimbal rings, mirror mounts, linkage systems, and vibration isolation systems.

Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearings Overview:


Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing Characteristics Chart

Use the Pivot Characteristics Chart PDF below in combination with our life cycle curves to determine the proper pivot for your application:

Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearings Features:

The load capacities shown below represent maximum allowable forces in any single direction. If the intended application has multi-directional loading, such as combined axial and radial loads, bending moments, extreme temperatures, or will be subjected to vibration or shock loads please consult our engineering staff for assistance.

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Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing Standard Material

The pivot body is AISI 410 or 420 corrosion-resistant steel and the flexing elements are AISI 420 corrosion resistant steel. These pivots utilize brazed construction consisting of a silver/copper and nickel filler material.

Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing Torsional Spring Rate

The spring rates are usually within ±10% or less of the tabulated values above. However, the tolerances can be much larger for spring rate values below .0018 in-lb/deg. Contact our engineering staff if closer tolerances or actual values are required.

Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing Welded Construction

For applications where the braze alloy presents a problem, electron beam welded construction is available. If welded construction is desired please contact our engineering staff for assistance.

Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing Tighter Diameter Tolerance

For applications where a tighter diameter tolerance is required, +0.0000/-0.0002, specify “T2” after the catalog number. If other tolerance variations are desired please contact our engineering staff for assistance.

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Pivot Bearing, please contact a member of our team. We are happy to assist you with your project needs.

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