Cantilevered-Double Ended Thick Spring - Flex Pivots

Flexural Pivot Custom Engineering

Riverhawk’s Engineers are available to help design custom flexures with specific requirements or for sub-assembly integration. We treat each project with the individual attention it deserves. Please contact our engineering staff to discuss your application and its requirements.

Riverhawk offers custom engineering product services including:

  • Cantilevered (Single-Ended) Flexures
  • Double-Ended Flexures
  • Linear Flexures

Over the years, Riverhawk has worked on many projects that demanded more out of our standard catalog flexures. This has challenged our team to design creatively.

Some of our customized designs have included:

  • Longer lengths
  • Tailored torsional and radial spring rates
  • Load shunted designs to overcome intermittent shock loads
  • Special materials
  • Flanges, grooves for adhesive mounting and flats for setscrews
  • Square mounting block arrangements

Our engineers will work with you from start to finish to help develop the perfect product for your application. Contact us today.


  • Block is fixed, the other is free to translate with linear travel
  • Used in applications where reciprocating motion is desired
  • Self-centering spring return
  • Custom designed per application requirements


  • New manufacturing process based on our standard flexures
  • Functions similar to our standard catalog offerings 
  • Custom designed with features built into structure of part
  • Opens up possibility of alternative materials