The History Behind Riverhawk Company

Founded in 1993 in Yorkville, NY, the Riverhawk Company has more than 85 years of experience with roots deep in the Rotating Machinery Industry. Serving primarily the Power Generation and Petro Chemical Markets during these start up years, we have expanded our customer base to establish new markets in Mining, Construction, Wind Power, Nuclear, Manufacturing, Reciprocating and Steel industries. The steady growth from an initial “buy and assemble” operation using hand tools to the current (9) computer controlled and (30) conventional machine tools, enables Riverhawk to maintain a dominant position in an expanding global market.

Riverhawk Hydraulic Mounting Equipment products consist of specialized tools for the installation and removal of compressor wheels, thrust discs and hydraulically fitted coupling hubs. Hydraulic hand pumps and air over hydraulic pumps offer pressures up to 40,000 psi.

Riverhawk Tensioning Systems products include standard and custom designs that provide controllable and accurate pre-loads of bolts and studs for reliability and ease of installation and removal. We also design and manufacture engineered studs, nuts and bolts for special applications requiring strength and resistance to fatigue, temperature and corrosion.

Riverhawk Shaft Joining Technology products include Hydraulic Clamp Rings that eliminate the need for keyed, splined or tapered shafts. Integrating this technology with torque protection, the Torqueblocker protects heavy-duty equipment from torque overloads. Applications requiring continuous operation with momentary torque spikes, the Peak Shaver offers drive through torque protection. Applications involving alternating torque conditions, the Viscous Rotational Damper provides superior damping without traditional elastomeric elements. We also manufacture traditional plug and ring gages for hydraulically fitted coupling hub applications.

Utilizing the latest finite element analysis (FEA) software, Riverhawk Engineers are able to design equipment and confirm stress and/or deflection patterns for both linear and non-linear conditions. We can also build two-dimensional axisymetric models for essentially cylindrical components or three-dimensional solid models for more complex part configurations.

We offer in-house or off-site training seminars on a variety of topics on the installation and operation of Riverhawk products. Our experienced field service engineers will work with your field personnel to maximize the use of our products to increase productivity at the job site.

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