Flexures used in Sentinal-3 Flip Mirror Camera System

Flexures used in Sentinal-3 Flip Mirror Camera System

Riverhawk Company was approached by SENER, a private engineering and technology group that specializes in solutions for energy, environment and aeronautics. They wanted our help to develop a custom flexure for a satellite based application. The Riverhawk Flex Pivot needed to withstand the harsh environments of space, while performing flawlessly at extreme angular deflection. The requirements also dictated this to be an “infinite life” application as SENER needed the satellite to work for 15+ years without maintenance. The first batch of Flex Pivots were designed, built and thoroughly tested at Riverhawk, before being shipped to Spain for SENER to perform their own extended testing. Riverhawk also continued to do some extended life testing, beyond the standard scope. The Flex Pivots were cycled at high angles for more than 50,000,000 cycles, and the results were excellent. Thanks to the quality control, and attention to detail at Riverhawk, the Flex Pivots were able to survive well beyond the intended scope.

Since the original parts were made, some small alterations were made to simplify the installation process into the sub-systems. Parts continued to test well, and eventually in 2016, the true test was performed. The Sentinal-3 was launched, with Riverhawk Flex Pivots aboard. After a few weeks word was passed on to Riverhawk that the system was functioning as designed, and the Flex Pivots were doing their job.  Due to the success of the Flex Pivots in the Sentinal-3, SENER and Riverhawk will continue to develop custom Flex Pivots for future space endeavors.

Riverhawk offers a standard line of flexures but we really excel in customizing parts to fit any application. Please contact Riverhawk about our Flex Pivots and how we can help you in your next project.

Ph. 315-768-4855

Riverhawk Exhibits at 2014 Australian Oil and Gas Trade Show

Back in February, Riverhawk’s Director of Innovation Engineering attended the Australian Oil and Gas Trade Show (AOG) in Perth, Australia with Riverhawk sales representative Tony Martin of Ro-Quip Singapore. Riverhawk shared a booth with West Coast Industrial Supplies (WCIS). This was a very large exhibition and conference that focused on the development of oil and gas fields as well as production. Most of the exhibitors at our level focused on maintenance products and services. Companies that displayed tensioners offered what appeared to be standard configuration tensioners arranged as “toolbox” units. These companies often displayed several tightening technologies. Pump manufacturers were the primary rotation equipment exhibitors.


Tony Martin did a great job of attracting many attendees into the booth to discuss tensioning products and directed them to the flange tensioner demo display. Most of these people appeared to be focused on procurement and maintenance. Flexitallic is a prominent gasket manufacturer and Riverhawk was able to make contact with them while at the show. Their booth displayed a flange similar to Riverhawk’s that had load instrumentation feeding into a very professionally constructed display with load data. They used this for demonstration of the importance of tightening to the integrity of their gaskets. We spoke to a representative from Flexitallic to discuss the possibility of them using Riverhawk tensioners on their display. Bob Whitney also had discussions with John Whalen of John Crane in regards to the Riverhawk VRD. John has expressed interest in our Viscous Rotational Damper and would like to further investigate the possibility of co-developing a VRD product for use with John Crane couplings.

Riverhawk Going Green with Hydraulic Oil

Over the past several months, Riverhawk has been performing some extensive testing with a new environmentally safe hydraulic fluid. This potential new fluid is biodegradable and therefore much more environmentally friendly. We have undergone numerous test with this oil to make sure it is compatible with the components we use it in. To date, Riverhawk has completed testing evaluating the oils coefficient of friction, compatibility of being mixed with existing oil, effects on the different seal materials and different coatings. We have also tested its ability to mix with water. All the completed testing has gone well and we intend to replace our existing oil with this new environmentally safe oil in the coming months. We believe this change will be a welcomed improvement by many customers as environmental safety becomes a much more important topic in today’s world. More importantly, there is no cost impact to do this. If you have any thoughts or concerns with this change, please be sure to contact Riverhawk.

This blog was written by Business Development Manager Pat McCormack. He is heavily involved in the testing and evaluation of the environmentally safe hydraulic fluid. Please feel free to contact Pat if you have any questions.

Riverhawk Product Spotlight – Hydraulic Torque Coupler (HTC)

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Torque Coupler (HTC) provides high integrity keyless fit joints for coupling hubs on shaft ends using convenient, low cost slip-fit designs. Our design eliminates heat at assembly as well as keys, splines, tapered shafts, plug/ring gauges and hydraulic maintenance equipment. Shaft ends are simplified therefore reducing design, manufacturing and maintenance costs. A coupling hub with an HTC can be easily repositioned anywhere on the shaft end during installation.


In addition to providing for new machinery designs, Riverhawk has also supplied HTC’s for retrofit and repair situations. If a standard interference fit hub slips often, damaging the rotor, or is very difficult to remove, or has to be cut off the shaft end, Riverhawk can offer a repair or upgrade using an HTC. We can provide higher slip torque by increasing interference, but at the same time making removal of the hub from the shaft easier. If you have any further questions about our Hydraulic Torque Coupler or think it would be useful in any of your applications, please feel free to contact our Engineering Department for any technical inquires or our Sales Department for a quote.


This blog was written by Riverhawk Engineer Dan Lauzon. If you have any questions for Dan, you can contact him directly at dan.lauzon (at)

Hydraulic Torque Coupler

Hydraulic Torque Coupler


Riverhawk Vibration Monitoring Systems Development

Riverhawk has a large installed customer base of 500 Series Vibration Monitoring Systems. To better provide continued support to that base and address new opportunities, Riverhawk is developing a new vibration monitoring system designated as the 500N Series.

The updated racks will be 100% compatible with existing modules, while providing more efficient and modular power supplies and relay assemblies. The new modules will be 100% compatible with existing racks while providing improved performance and functionality. The new modules will include color LCD touch screens instead of the analog meters and switches. The LCDs will present more information and the touch screen will provide password protection for the set points and configuration information.

Like the older 500 Series, the new systems will be available in a panel mounted version with three 2” slots for two measuring modules and one control module. 19” rack mounted systems will accommodate six measuring modules and one control module. Each module can provide one or two channels for vibration or axial position monitoring. A variety of other modules will later be available.

Contact Riverhawk to discuss requirements to new applications, upgrading of existing systems, or spares.

This blog article was written by Riverhawk’s Principal Engineering Program Manager for our Instrumentation (Indikon) product line, Gary Wileczka.

Product Overview: The Riverhawk Torque Blocker

The Riverhawk Torque Blocker is a mechanical fuse that can be installed in a drive train. When a torque overload occurs, the Torque Blocker will release and allow the driver and load equipment to coast down separately without damaging downstream equipment. A torque overload might be caused by short circuit conditions in an electric generator, running restart of electric motors, jams in rolling mills, or liquid slugs in compressors. Either way, the Torque Blocker will release at a preset torque value to protect your equipment. After a release occurs, the Torque Blocker can be reset quickly. An operator pumps up the hydraulic clamp, resets the mechanical pins, drains the oil, and the reset is complete. Although hydraulic pressure is used to set the unit, no hydraulic pressure is used during operation so there is no oil spray upon release.

Riverhawk Torque Blockers are well suited for applications that range from 14,000 to 5 million inch-pounds of torque. We are able to adapt to all kinds of shaft connections. Riverhawk can also provide a turnkey coupling and Torque Blocker combination by connecting our Torque Blocker to most any manufacturers flexible, rigid, or gear coupling.

Please take a moment to check out the animation on our website at the link below to see how a Torque Blocker works and contact Riverhawk Engineering with any questions you might have.

This Blog was written by Riverhawk’s Applications Engineering Director Rick Donegan who can be reached directly at extension 136.

Riverhawk Flex Pivot Recent News/Trade Show Updates

Riverhawk Company has just recently finalized our Flex Pivot trade show schedule for the 2014 calender year. Our first show, the Space Tech Expo, will be April 1st through the 3rd in Long Beach, California. This is our second year exhibiting at this trade show, which is the West Coasts premier B2B space and satellite event. Exhibitors for this event include Riverhawk customers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and NASA JPL. The show is at the Long Beach Convention Center starting on Tuesday at 4PM and concluding on Thursday at 3PM, Riverhawk will be located in booth 6010. Please follow the link below for full details and schedule.

Our second show of the year is the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing trade show. This show is in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center on June 10th through the 12th, starting at 10AM Tuesday and concluding at 3PM on Thursday. Please stop by and visit Riverhawk and our Sales Representative R.P. Luce in booth #352. Follow the link below for full details and schedule.

The last scheduled show of the year is the 29th Annual American Society for Precision Engineering meeting. This year it will be held on November 9th though the 14th in Boston at the Westin Boston Waterfront. This show features state-of-the-art precision engineering products. The ASPE show in Boston will be Riverhawk’s fourth time exhibit and we have had great success because of the ability to interact with all booth visitors. The show opens on Tuesday with a detailed schedule to follow. Please check back and we will let you know the exhibit hours and our booth location.

For more information on Riverhawk’s Flexural Pivot Product Line please visit or feel free to contact Eric Rhymestine at 315-768-4855 ext. 113 or e-mail him at




Riverhawk to Exhibit at the AOG 2014

Riverhawk Company will be exhibiting in the 2014 Australasian Oil & Gas trade show, which is held in Perth, Australia from February 19 through the 21st, 2014. Please take the time to stop by our booth to visit Riverhawk’s Director of Innovation Engineering, Bob Whitney as well as our Asian Pacific sales representative, Tony Martin (Ro-Quip).
We will be located in booth Z68, sharing it with West Coast Industrial Supplies (WCIS). Come check out our flange and tensioner demo as well as our new Peregrine FL Tensioner.
Hope to see you all there!
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Opening Hours:
Wed/Thurs 10:30am -7:00pm
Friday 11:00am – 4:00pm

Riverhawk Attends Turbo Machinery Symposium in Houston

In October, the Riverhawk team exhibited at the annual Texas A&M Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston, Texas. It is held at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This years booth traffic seemed to be much better than previous years as the Riverhawk booth was consistently busy with attendees that were interested in what Riverhawk had to offer. We had on display a couple of new items that seemed to have attracted a lot of interest. One new thing we had this year was a sample flange that now allows the placement of several different tensioners to be displayed (see above image on the left).

The other point of interest that we had on display at the Turbo Symposium, which was also new for this year, was the new Peregrine FL Tensioner. We have designed and manufactured a new tensioner with the intention of specifically targeting the flanged joint connections in the industry. Actual testing of this tensioner will begin this month. We are working on a range of sizes that we will offer in a catalog type format to allow standard units to be ordered with the intention of delivering in a very short lead time. We have made a sales flier and we took the first one manufactured, to be used for testing, to display at the Turbo Symposium (see above photo middle). We also had a plastic version (rapid prototype) made that was on display at the show (See above photo right). Once we have finished testing of this new tensioner, we will be supplying everyone with much more details so make sure to check back.

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